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No Replica

Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 at 7 & 9PM
Friday, Dec. 7, 2018 at 2, 4, 6, & 8PM
Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018 at 2, 4, 6, & 8PM

Patricelli ’92 Theater

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No Replica is a sound performance. It’s a theater production but there are no actors. There will be speakers, and sounds will play out of those speakers—sometimes, different sounds will play from different speakers. Eventually, the performance will end.

The house count for this production is very limited, so please attend if you reserve a seat.

If you are unable to attend the performance, or have accessibility concerns, or there are no tickets left, please send an email to gdrozdov@wesleyan.edu with your specific circumstance.

Presented by the Theater Department.

Director/Sound Designer: Gabriel Drozdov (’19)
Stage Manager: Drew Weiss (’21)
Scenic Designer: Ava Calabrese Grob (’20)
Properties Designer: Capri Gehred-O’Connell (’19)
Narrator: Maddie Ulevich (’19)
Stagehand: Nika Litt (’21)
Publicist: Ramsay Burgess (’20)
Production Manager: Rebecca Foster
Thesis Tutor: Calvin O’Malley Anderson
Technical Advisor: Tony Hernandez

Special Thanks
Elam Grekin, Kate Galloway, Ron Kuivila, Bill Nelligan, and Mark & Victoria Drozdov

Theater Department

Kathleen F. Conlin — Frank B. Weeks Visiting Professor, Department Chair
Dawn Alger — Administrative Assistant
Calvin Anderson — Visiting Assistant Professor
Robert Baumgartner — Visiting Artist-in-Residence
Katherine Brewer Ball — Assistant Professor
Nathan Dame — Visiting Artist-in-Residence
Rebecca Foster — Adjunct Assistant Professor
Quiara Alegría Hudes — Shapiro Distinguished Professor of Writing
Summer Lee Jack — Visiting Assistant Professor
Ronald S. Jenkins — Professor of Theater
Christian Milik — Adjunct Instructor
Marcela Oteíza — Associate Professor
Tira Palmquist — Playwriting Advisor
Edwin Sanchez — Visiting Artist-in-Residence
Corey Sorenson — Visiting Assistant Professor
Edward Torres — Assistant Professor of the Practice
Pirronne Yousefzadeh — Visiting Assistant Professor

John F. Carr — Professor of Theater, Emeritus
William H. Francisco — Professor of Theater, Emeritus
Gay Smith — Professor of Theater, Emerita
Leslie A. Weinberg — Retired Artist-in-Residence, Theater

Office Staff
Capri Gehred-O’Connell, Wenxuan Xue

Costume Shop Staff
Mae Davies, Hope Fourie, Dimitri Fulconis, Olivia Gracey, Emma Graham, Analiese Guettinger, Dominoe Jones, Nathan Mullen, Nzingha Rawlins, Sofia Navarrete Zur

Technical Staff
Ray Achan, Lincoln Alkind, Ellis Collier, Devon Cooper, Samuel Driver, Daniel Gordon, Elam Grekin, Ava Grobe, Susana Hair, Max Halperin, Seth Hultgren, Adam Kielbasa, Sophia Kinney, Zack Lobel, Lea Moore, Michayla Robertson-Pine, Nathan Silvern, Dmitri Slory, Andy Tan, Katherine Trejo, Andrea Weires

THEA 105: Production Lab
Andrew Dalton, Zurich Deleon, Matthew Grimaldi, Ona Hauert, Amaal Ladha, Nika Litt, Mia McKinney, Anne Ning, Nathan Pugh, Charlie Rau, Nathan Silvern, Lauren Stock, Fitzroy Wickham, Betsy Zaubler, Tessa Zitter

Upcoming Events

Action, by Sam Shepard
A Directing Thesis by Ray Achan ‘19
'92 Patricelli Theater
Wednesday March 6, Thursday March 7, Friday March 8, 7pm

This Obie-Award winning play takes us inside the living room of Liza, Lupe, Jeep and Shooter in the midst of a mysterious crisis. Limited food and overwhelming boredom begin to take their toll with disturbing and absurd results. Sam Shepard’s imaginative voice and deeply rooted characters has transformed American theater and constantly forces us to confront the strange and unknown.

Myth in Performance Project
Spring Faculty Theater Production
Directed by Visiting Assistant Professor Corey Sorenson CFA Theater
Friday April 12 & Saturday April 13 - 8pm, Saturday April 13 & Sunday April 14 - 2pm

The Theater Department continues its exploration into myth with a new script under development by faculty member Corey Sorenson. A story of two secret lovers who go beyond death to find the meaning of living, this script looks at the fundamental myth of Orpheus, the use of myth by a major American playwright, and a contemporary response to both. Using music, movement and the power of language, this theatrical piece re-imagines and parallels Tennessee Williams’ ORPHEUS DESCENDING.

Senior Playwriting Festival: Staged Readings
Ring Family Hall
Tuesday May 7, 7pm

A Playwriting Thesis by Wenxuan Xue ‘19
This written work is created in partial fulfillment for Honors in Theater.

The play follows Chase, a young Chinese queer singer-songwriter in New York City, struggling to come to terms with his traumatic memories through writing music. With the help of his sister, he learns to let go of his pain and move on to strengthen a new form of identity – one that makes him feel belonged and loved and supported in this seemingly isolating world. The play explores the intersectionality and the nuances of queerness and Asian diaspora, and what does it mean to embrace both identities in our increasingly globalized society today.

A Playwriting Thesis by Jordan Roe ‘19
This written work is created in partial fulfillment for Honors in Theater.

Co-Dependent follows protagonist Pat's last year of college as the end of an unhealthy friendship overlaps with the beginning of a new romance. The transition leads her to question some dangerous assumptions she has made about her self worth and consider what she's allowed to need for herself and from other people. What starts as a "casual hookup" agreement between Pat and new fling Henry has the chance to be so much more than their prescribed and gendered expectations. If only they can show up for each other (and for themselves) to face their fears of the dreaded c-word: co-dependence. The play deals with the tension between guilt and pleasure, control and craving, and vulnerability and individualism.

My Block
A Playwriting Thesis by Rodrick Edwards ‘19
This written work is created in partial fulfillment for Honors in Theater.

I want you to think of the place you call home. I want you to visualize your family. Or, that friend you did absolutely everything with. Or, the owner of the little corner store at the end of the street. Now what if that community was ripped apart? All that community support broken to the point where you question whether or not it ever existed. In My Block, we follow a family desperately trying to hold to their home. In the face of gentrification, displacement, urban renewal, and restoration. All terms the oppressive forces in our society use to further divide and weaken low income communities of color.

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