I am a singer-songwriter with a love for piano rock and strange sounds.

Music has always been the backbone for everything “artistic” I’ve ever done. My first graphic design was an album cover for an album I never released (but eventually became To Home). I only got into sound design for theater because of my experience in recorded audio. All of my ideas about art and composition, whatever form the composition takes, come from music and sound and piano.

My journey with music started formally with violin, trumpet, and piano training, but I ultimately let many of these passions fall to the side as I became more invested in sound and graphic design. I think this goes back to my old composition teacher, Brian Landrus, who asked me why I wrote so much—I had no answer. In truth, I write because I want to and I write solely for myself. As sound and graphic design become more of a career prospect for me, I will always reserve my music as songs for myself.

You can listen to everything I’ve released, but I’ve never prioritized the listening experience in my compositions. Producing something for others to listen to is a time-consuming, draining process that sacrifices more than I’m willing to give. Instead, I make music that lets me experiment and grow as a designer and artist. That isn’t to say that these albums are bad, because I hope they’re not! This is just a notice that this music isn’t indicative of everything I can do, because it isn’t meant to be a portfolio of my composition or production skillsets.

Please listen if you’d like. I am always working on new projects!

On Moonbug, I stretched my limits in sample-based experimental composition and production.

On Falling in Love to Voices, I compiled lo-fi recordings from my phone into an album of snippets and ideas.

On Time Passes, I reimagined my first album to explore old compositions with newfound experience.

On Dano, I re-arranged an SATB synthesizer piece for string quartet.

On Something Happens, I crafted a pseudo-live jazz concert originally intended to score a film.

On Granola, I collaborated with other artists at NYU’s Clive Davis summer high school program to spontaneously form a “band” and brand.

On To Home, I struggled (but still succeeded!) to write, record, and produce an overly-ambitious, extra-long concept album.

Listen to all of my releases.