I am a singer-songwriter with a love for piano rock and strange sounds.

When I am not working on a project, I write music for myself. I have always developed my creativity by working on personal projects, and music is my favorite outlet for doing so. My music is not like my work in theater or design because I do not think about how someone might receive or perceive it. Instead, I only think about the process I use to generate it.

I still make my work public, though. I no longer get to spend as much time as I want composing, performing, and producing, and my albums are often rough ideas I never had time to fully develop. Still, I really like those ideas—they are here for anyone to take a listen to.

On Moonbug, I stretched my limits in sample-based experimental composition and production.

On Falling in Love to Voices, I compiled lo-fi recordings from my phone into an album of snippets and ideas.

On Time Passes, I reimagined my first album to explore old compositions with newfound experience.

On Dano, I re-arranged an SATB synthesizer piece for string quartet.

On Something Happens, I crafted a pseudo-live jazz concert originally intended to score a film.

On Granola, I collaborated with other artists at NYU’s Clive Davis summer high school program to spontaneously form a “band” and brand.

On To Home, I struggled (but still succeeded!) to write, record, and produce an overly-ambitious, extra-long concept album over the course of 5 years.

Listen to all of my releases.