I design identity systems for passionate companies that need a voice.

Identity systems are aesthetic guidelines that allow companies to maintain their brand across digital and print materials. I research organization histories and prior designs to develop a new system comprised of logos, icons, posters, animations, as well as style guides and websites. My goal is to create empty canvases that organizations can appropriate to fill their own particular missions.

I am always exploring new ways to produce interesting work using whatever tools I can find. My background is interdisciplinary, encompassing computer science, theater, fine arts, music, film, writing, photography, as well as administration and production. Different mediums come together to spawn unexpected results—I find ways to combine analog and digital techniques to expedite processes and create new forms.

At The Dramatists Guild, I researched the company’s aesthetic identity to refine it through redesigned webpages and an animated promotional video.

At The 24 Hour Plays, I designed and implemented a complete graphical overhaul culminating in a new website and style guide.

At SmartTix, I proposed a new identity by programming a sample webpage that the rest of the site would follow the design of.

At Second Stage, I wrote extensive informational material and packaged it in a simple, iconic, and sustainable brand for future generations of Wesleyan students.

At Red Feather Studios, I finessed the preexisting brand by setting up a streamlined website and helped transition the team to new leadership.

At The Iridium, I collaborated with the company’s graphic designer to expedite administrative processes and create aesthetically-consistent promotional materials.