I design identity systems for passionate companies that need a voice.

I am a firm believer that the success and sustainability of an organization is directly linked to its visual identity. Unfortunately, the price of high-quality graphic design leaves out so many companies in need of good design because graphic design is a time-consuming, iterative process. In all honesty, this isn’t unfair—what is unfair is the expectation that every company needs this type of design.

My focus and passion are in identifying where talent and resources are best spent at companies that cannot afford to waste their limited financial resources on projects that aren’t essential to their core functions. It is unreasonable to ask a theater company to limit their productions in the name of expanding the organization’s brand. My mission is to consult with organizations on how to best proceed with developing style guides, websites, and other materials in such a way that we don’t have to develop everything from scratch and can minimize the number the iterations.

More than any of my other projects, this website is the most representative of my work. It is a product that I crafted with complete creative control over the course of several years to demonstrate my own aesthetic taste and attention to detail. When I work with other companies, I create the initial product but then provide exhaustive materials and instructions to assure the design’s sustainability. Nevertheless, I leave the position with the intention of no longer working on the project, so changes thereon do not reflect my personal input. On this website, you can directly see how I value precision and cleanliness in code and visual identity.

At The Dramatists Guild, I researched the company’s aesthetic identity to refine it through redesigned webpages and an animated promotional video.

At The 24 Hour Plays, I designed and implemented a complete graphical overhaul culminating in a new website and style guide.

At SmartTix, I proposed a new identity by programming a sample webpage that the rest of the site would follow the design of.

At Second Stage, I wrote extensive informational material and packaged it in a simple, iconic, and sustainable brand for future generations of Wesleyan students.

At Red Feather Studios, I finessed the preexisting brand by setting up a streamlined website and helped transition the team to new leadership.

At The Iridium, I collaborated with the company’s graphic designer to expedite administrative processes and create aesthetically-consistent promotional materials.